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Like most of the buildings in this area, this building was built in 1949.  It may have been known as 7030 at some point.

Its first owner was probably Branham-Mareck-(H.M.) Duepner Inc., designer and manufacturer of custom made lighting fixtures for commercial buildings.  By 1956, the name Riegert had been added to the name, making it BMD&R.  In 1964, Louis Riegert was listed as the president.  Lou Riegert was a popular disk jockey at the time - a coincidence?  Tax records say that it was A.M. Riegert.  In 1971 the company had 15 employees.


From about 1972 to 1997, the name Charles R. Elert was associated with the property.

In 2004 it was purchased by Wayne R. Benson for $250,000.

From about 2007-2009 it served as a temporary location for STEP.




This information comes from a variety of sources: newspapers, books, yearbooks, phone directories, interviews, etc. Given the varied sources, we cannot guarantee that all of this information is correct, and welcome any additions and corrections. Please contact us with your contributions and comments.