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This index of the History section of the web site is designed to help you navigate between the pages.  Entries marked Something in the Water are pages that are only available in the book.  Note that we are no longer posting businesses and people to this list - please see those separate indices for more complete lists. 



AAA Minneapolis

Ace Manufacturing Inc.

S. Earl Ainsworth - Something in the Water

Earl and Olga Ainsworth

Al's Bar

Al's/Brookside Barber Shop

Aldersgate Methodist Church

Alcoa Aluminum House

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador East

Ambulance Service

American Cynamid

American Inn

American Legion

The Ames Family

Earl Ames - Something in the Water

Amusement Parks

Anchor Inn

Anderson Cadillac

Fred G. Anderson Wallpaper and Paint

Camille Andre

Anglican Church of St. Dunstan


Ann and Andy's Tavern


Antlers Park

Applequist Ice Co. - Something in the Water

Aquila Elementary School

Aretz Family (Bunny's)

Armistice Day Blizzard

Morten Arneson

Morten Arneson - From the Re-Echo

Ascension Lutheran Church

Automotive Milestones

Axel's Tuck'd Away Inn



Bais Yaakov High School

Congregation Bais Yisroel

Bally's Total Fitness

Community Band


Banks and Finance

W. Guy Bannister

The Bartholome(w) Family

Baseball in the Park

Bass Lake

Ethel Baston Elementary School

Ethel Baston

Bert Baston

The Baston Family

Bertha Bates

Tommy Bates

Batteries Plus

Walter Beach


Beek's Pizza

Behning Hardware

Belco Elevator Fire

Park High's Bell - From the Re-Echo

Belt Line Industrial Park

Beltline Pay Dump

Beltline Pay Dump - From the Re-Echo

H.A. Bengston

Benilde-St. Margaret's High School

Louis Berkowitz (grocer)

Bernie's Park Deli

Best Western Motel

Better Government League

The Billman Family

Billman's Park Funeral Home

Michael Blodgett

B'Nai Abraham Synagogue

B'Nail Emet Synagogue

The Bolmgren Family

Bon Giorno Restaurant

Booker & Wallestad

Border Changes

Boulevard Furniture

Boy Scouts

Blanche Boyce

Dr. Glenn D. Braatz

The Bradley Family (Bradley Transfer) - Something in the Water


Brian's Fund

Brick Block (Walker and Hamilton Buildings)

The Bridgeman Family

Brookside Antiques

Brookside Ave. Historic Houses

Brookside Civic Club

Brookside Community Church

Brookside Drug

Brookside Drug Memoir - Something in the Water

Brookside Elementary School

Brookside Market

Brookside Neighborhood

Brookside School

Brookside School Development - From the Re-Echo

Aaron Brown

Charlie Brown

Doc Brown

Doc Brown - Something in the Water

Doc Brown's Barbershop - From the Re-Echo

Henry F. Brown

Sid Brown

Sid Brown and Norman Moldestad - Something in the Water

Browndale Neighborhood

Browndale Park Coterie

Browne Plumbing - Something in the Water

(Postwar) Building Boom

Historic Houses and Buildings


Burn-Zol, Inc.


Business Mens' Association


Don Byers Memoir - Something in the Water


Cable TV

Calhoun Dairy

Calvary Worship Center

Cancer Statistics

Canfield-Dietrick Lumber Yard - Something in the Water

Kid Cann

Car Clubs - Royales, El Dracos

Caring Youth Program

Herbert Carleton

Bill Carlson Electric Co.

The Carlstrom Family - Something in the Water

Candlestick Park

Carney Company

Bertram W. Carpenter - Something in the Water

Cars and Roads

Cedar Lake Heights

Cedar Lake Road Historic Buildings

Cedar Manor Elementary School

Central Junior High

Chamber of Commerce


Christian Science Church

Christie's Gas Station

Park Celebrations

City Centennial Celebration:  1986

St. Louis Park Becomes a City/City Charter

City Hall

City Managers

City Parks

Civic and Commerce Association

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Defense

Margaret and David Chatelaine (Colonial Inn)

The Chick-Inn

Children First

The Christy Family/Gas Station - Something in the Water

Citizens State/Independent Bank

City Charter - Re-Echo

Civic Milestones

Clarke Chapel

Class Reunions

Classic Motor Company

Classical Academy

Cliff's Drive In

Joel Barber Clough

Coast to Coast Headquarters

Coast to Coast Store - Lilac Way

Cobble Crest

Cobble Crest - From the Re-Echo

The Coen Brothers

Colonial Inn

Commercial Club

Community Band

Community Center (Lake Street)

Community Center and Rec Center

Community Council

Community Fund/United Way

Community Development Tour

Community Education

Community Theater

Marjorie Congdon

Cooper Theater


Cotton Club

Creosote Memoir - Virgil Neitzel - Something in the Water

Creosote Memoir - J. Frank Williams

Creosote Plant

Crime and Police

Cronstrom's Heating and Air Conditioning

Crosbie House - 4349 Brookside Ave.

Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

Cross of Glory Baptist Church


Cusack and Carlson


James Dahl


Dairy Queen

Dairy Wipt

Dakota Ave.

Shorty Dale

Dan Patch the Horse

Dan Patch the Railroad

Dance and Drill Teams

Dancing Lessons

Dr. Harry Darby

Darchei Noam Synagogue

Herb Davis - Something in the Water

Herb Davis - From the Re-Echo

LeRoy DeBoom

Ted Dietrick - Something in the Water

Milwaukee Road Depot

Desnick Pharmacy

Dewey House

Discover St. Louis Park

City Directories


Distinguished Alumni Award

Docken's Store

Doctors and Dentists


Don's Park Market

Doubletree Hotel

Downings on Hanke Avenue - Something in the Water

The Downings of "Center" - Something in the Water

The Dresser Family on Salem - Something in the Water

Downtown St. Louis Park - From the Re-Echo

Driving Ranges

Mildred Dudding - From the Re-Echo

Duff's in the Park


Beltline Pay Dump

Public Dumping

The Dunne Brothers and the Strikes of 1934

The Dust Bowl

Lynn Dwyer - Roundhouse Rodney


O.K. Earle

Early Park Businesses

Early Jewish Families

The Echo

The Echowan

Eclipse Electric Co. - Something in the Water

Econ-o-Wash Laundry

El Patio

Elayne Galleries

Elderly Housing


Eliot School

Employment Agencies

Harold Enestvedt

Enga Funeral Home

Engell Dairy

Esterly Harvester Company

Environmental Activities

Ethel Baston Elementary School

Evangelic Missionary Fellowship

Evangelical Free Church

Evanoff Gardens

Excelsior Amusement Park

Excelsior and Grand

Excelsior Blvd.:  Gasoline Alley

Excelsior Blvd. Historic Buildings

Excelsior Blvd. (Road)

Historic Excelsior Blvd. - From the Re-Echo

Excelsior Quick Shop


Faith Assembly of God

The Falvey Family

Famous Parkites

George Faust's Restaurant and Liquor Storium

Fern Hill Elementary School

Fern Hill Neighborhood - Something in the Water

Fern Hill Store

Russell C. Fernstrom

Mary Monica Ferris

Adolph Fine

Marshall Fine

The Finnegan Family - Something in the Water

Firemen's Carnivals

Fires and Firefighting

     North Side Fire

First Church of Christ, Scientist

First Federal Savings and Loan

First Foursquare Gospel Church

First Lutheran Church

First Ukranian Evangelical Baptist Church

Lucy Rose Fischer

Dr. Ernest Fitch (Veterinarian)

Fitch Pet Hospital - Something in the Water

Kleve J. Flakne

Frank Fleetham

The Fletcher Family - Something in the Water

Donald Fletcher - From the Re-Echo

Two Fletcher Families

Early Flight Milestones

Arne Fogel

Foo Chu Cafe

Ford Dealer - Highway 100

The Forsythe Family - Something in the Water

Martin Fowler

Fox and Mink Farming

Al Franken

Freeland's Grocery

Charles M. Friedheim

Thomas Friedman

The Friegang Family

Full Gospel Temple


Galaxy Drive-In

Amelita Galli-Curci

Amelita Galli-Curci - Something in the Water

Gamble Skogmo


Garden Clubs

Gasoline Alley  (Excelsior Blvd.)

Gemelus Chesed

General Office Products

George's in the Park

George W. Gibson

Giller Drug

Giller Liquors


Girl Scouts

Glen Lake County Home School

Glen Lake Sanitarium

Golden Auto Parts

Golf Memories - Something in the Water

Church of the Good Shepherd

Gopher Glass

Nate Goldstone

Golf History

Good Shepherd Church

Calvin Goodrich

George Goodrich

John A. Goodrich

Goodyear Tires

M.L. Gordon Sash and Door

Carl Graeser

Grain Elevators


Gravel Pits

Gravel Pit Memoir - Something in the Water

Gravely Tractors

The Grimes Family

Groves Academy

Doug Gullifer

Gumby and Pokey - Plastidip

Guthrie Theater


Art Hager

Steven Mark Hahn

Halsey Hall

Halsey Hall Memoir - Something in the Water

Hamilton Building

Joseph Hamilton

Joseph Hamilton - Something in the Water

The Hanke Family

Lyle Hanks

Hansen Family Memoir - Something in the Water

George Hartmann

Marie Hartmann

Marie Hartmann - Something in the Water

Hatch Family Memoir

The Hautman Family


Gregory Hedberg

Hembre Family

Hennepin County Home School

Dorothy Henry

High School - 33rd Street

High School - Walker Street

High Spirits (Band)

Highway Hobby Shop

Highway 7 (Road)

Highway 7 (Buildings)

Highway 12 (Road)

Highway 12 (Buildings)

Highway 18/169 (Road)

Highway 100 (Road)

Highway 100 (Buildings)

Highway 100's Roadside Parks

Highway 100 Beehive Move

Min Himmelman

Peter Himmelman

The Hobart Family

Peter Hobart Elementary School

Hobby Shop (Highway)

Hockey - From the Re-Echo

Hodroff's Food Market

Agnes Hodgedon - From the Re-Echo

Hodgkinson Family Memoir - Something in the Water

Hoglund Plumbing


Lloyd Holm

Holy Family Academy

Holy Family Catholic Church

Homedale Nursery

Honeywell - From the Re-Echo

Honeywell Project


Historic Houses and Buildings

Greg Howard

Howard's Pharmacy


Scotty Hudson

Bob Hull

Hullaballoo Scene (Club)

Caroll Hurd

Carroll Hurd - Something in the Water

1914 Hurricane



"Invasion of the Colored People" - From the Re-Echo

Sharon Isbin

Dan Israel


The Jackley Family

Ernie Jacobson


Jarless Spring Carriage Company

Mel Jass


The Jenkins Family - Something in the Water


Jewish Community Center

Jewish Migration to St. Louis Park

Early Jewish Families

Jiffy Car Wash

Esther Johnson (Yngve)

(Glenn) Johnson Lake

Harald N. Johnson (Mink Farm)

Jack Johnson (Pest House)

Dr. Reinald G. Johnson

Robert Johnson

Torval Jorvig - Something in the Water

Jorvig Park

Judd Group

Junior High

Joe Justad


Mark Kalman

Kay Motors

Keefe's Men's Wear

Timothy D. Kehr

Kendaco, Inc.

Kenesseth Israel Congregation

Kid Cann

Theodore Kidder

Kilmer Neighborhood

King's Inn (Lilac Way Shopping Center)

Klein's Market - Minnetonka Blvd.

Kmart - Highway 100

King's Inn

Knights of Columbus

Knollwood Christian Church

Knollwood Plaza/Mall

Koch's Grocery

Korean War

Ben Koval/Koval's Appliances

Kow Loon Chow Mein

Bud Kraehling

Kuempel Chime Clocks


La Miracle Dining

Mary Lahammer

Lake Conference - From the Re-Echo

Lakeland Hotel


Lakes and Ponds

Dorothy Hatch Langlie

Lewis M. Larson

The Laycock Family

Laycock Family Memoir - Something in the Water

League of Women Voters

Herbert P. Lefler - Lefler Loan Fund


Lenox Neighborhood - Something in the Water

Lenox School

Dr. B. Robert Lewis

Woodfin Lewis


Peter Liepke

Skip Liepke

Skip Liepke - From the Re-Echo

Lilac Lanes Cafe

Lilac Lanes Recreation Center (Bowling Alley)

Lilac Way Riding Academy

Lilac Way Shopping Center

Lincoln Del

Lincoln School

Susan Lindgren Elementary School


Liquor and Other Vices

Lithium Plant

Little League

Lloyd's Hardware

Louisiana Ave.

Louisiana Oaks Apartments

Lutheran Church of the Reformation


McBee Building



McGarvey Coffee

The McGary Family

Fire Chief Omar McGary - From the Re-Echo

McGlynn's Trav'l Bake

Robert McNulty

Phyllis McQuaid

Macedonian Evangelical Missionary Baptist Church

Maimonides High School

Manhattan Park Neighborhood - Something in the Water

Manhattan Park School

Edwin F. Martin

Martin Manufacturing Co.

Wayne P. Martin

William N. Martin


Mass Transit

A.T. Masters


Meadowbrook Golf Club

Meadowbrook Manor

Meadowbrook Medical Building

The Melbourne Family

Messianic Jewish Congregation

The Metalloy Co. (Lithium)

Methodist Hospital

Methodist Meeting House

Metropolitan Open School


Park's Military History

Charles J. Miller


Milt's Supermarket

Milwaukee Road Depot

Minneapolis Golf Club

Minneapolis Jewish Day School

Minneapolis Moline

Minnehaha Creek

Minnesota Poultry and Egg Company

Minnesota Rubber

Minnesota Rubber Memoir - Something in the Water

Minnesota Rubber - From the Re-Echo

Minnetonka Blvd. Historic Buildings

Minnetonka Blvd. (Street)

Minnetonka Park Mall

Minikahda Motor Lodge

Minikahda Vista Neighborhood

Miracle Mile Shopping Center

Miss St. Louis Park

Modern Floors

The Moldestad Family

The Moldestad Family - Something in the Water

Monitor Houses

Monitor Drill

Monkey Island

Moscrip's Grocery

Mosquito Control

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church


Dudley Moylan - from the Re-Echo

Music Highlights



How St. Louis Park Got its Name

National Lead

National Lead - Something in the Water

Neitzel Family

Andy Nelson

Dorothea Nelson

Earnest W. Nelson

Frank Nelson - Something in the Water

Nemec Family

New Dimensions School


Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware Tower

Carl Noren

North Side Neighborhood

North Side Community Church

North Side Elementary School

North Side Lutheran Church

North Side Sunday School Union

North Side Mothers Club

Northland Aluminum (Nordic Ware)

Northwest Airlines

Notable Parkites


Nursing Homes


Hugh O'Brien

Oak Hill Baptist Church

Oak Hill Grocery

Oak Hill Neighborhood - Something in the Water

Oak Hill Neighborhood Secedes

Oak Hill School

Odd Fellows

Bob O'Hara

Olfelt/Frank Lloyd Wright House

Scott Olson

Optimist Club

Early Ordinances

Norm Ornstein

Martha Ostenso


Palm Bakery

Andraes Papandreaeu

Park Assembly of God

Park Baptist Church

Park Bus Co. - Something in the Water

Park Commons

Park High

Park Hill Elementary School

Park Knoll Elementary School

Park Music Center

Park National Bank

Park Natural Foods

Park Nicollet Medical Center

Park Nicollet Medical Center - From the Re-Echo

Park Pet Hospital

Park Putt Miniature Golf

Park Shores

Park Spanish Immersion School

Park Studio

Park Tavern

Park Terrace

Park Theater

Park Theater 1958 Kiddie Show

Park Theater Memoir - Something in the Water

Park Village


Parks and Recreation

City Parks


Parkview Treatment Center

Party in the Park

Jeff Passolt

Pastime Riding Arena

Patchin Appraisals

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Peace Presbyterian Church

Emil Pearson

The Pearson Family - Something in the Water

Peavey-Haglin Experimental Concrete Grain Elevator

Peavy-Haglin Grain Elevator - from the Re-Echo

Pentel Pontiac

Howard W. Perkins

Perspectives, Inc.

Pest House

Peter Hobart Elementary School

Jim Petersen

Axel Peterson

Pickwick Records

Piggly Wiggly 4000 Minnetonka Blvd.

Piggly Wiggly 6312 Minnetonka Blvd.

Pizza Hut

Planning Board

Plehal Heating Co.


Pockrandt Lumber Co./The Pockrandt Family

Police and Crime




Hennepin County Poor Farm

Post Office

Post Office - Something in the Water

Postwar Building Boom

Power:  Gas and Electricity


The Pratt Family

Pratt School

Prest-o-Lite Company

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Private Schools

Property Damage Appraisers

Public Health

Frank Pucci

Purple Cigar (Club)


Quadion Corporation


Race, Creed, and Color



The Ralles Family - Something in the Water

Evelyn Raymond

Harry Reasoner

Rebekah Lodge

Rec Center


Red Owl Country Store - Highway 100

Red Owl Store - Miracle Mile

Reddy Rents

Jack Reed's Drive In

Lutheran Church of the Reformation

Bob Reiss

Douglas Rees Associates

The Rees Family

Dutch Reider

Reilly Tar and Chemical (Creosote Plant)

Reiss's Restaurant

Bob Reiss

Reiss Corner - Something in the Water

The Renner Family

Renner Drilling - Something in the Water

Republic Ave. Buildings

Republic Creosoting Company

Republican Club

Resop Realtors

Reynolds Welding Supply

Eddie Rickenbacker - From the Re-Echo

Riding Stables

Meshulan Riklis - From the Re-Echo

The Rivkin Brothers

Ritularium Society of Minneapolis

The Rixon Family

Highway 100 Roadside Parks

Robin Hood Days

Robinson Rubber Co.

Rock 'n' Roll in the Park

E.O. "Bud" Rodberg

Rodgers Hydraulic

Rodgers Hydraulic - Something in the Water

Lydia Rogers

Lydia Rogers - Something in the Water

Roller Rink

Mark Rosen

Percy Ross

Rotary Club

Roundhouse Rodney - Lynn Dwyer

Ruth's Toggery

S.J. Rutherford and Co.

The Rutherford Building

Ruedlinger Nursery - also see Something in the Water

The Rye Family - Something in the Water


S. Clein

St. Dunstan's Anglican Church

St. George's Episcopal Church

St. L Loader Company

St. Louis Park:  A Story of a Village by Norman Thomas

St. Louis Park Beautiful Committee

St. Louis Park Medical Center

St. Luke's Lutheran Church

Salkin and Linoff

Sam's Club

Sand and Gravel

The Sandvig Family

Sandvig and Sandvig Accountants - Something in the Water

Dusty Sauter

Lee Savold

Gene E. Schadow

Schmitt Music


Schuler Shoes

Schussler's Mill

The Seirup Family

The Seirup Family - Something in the Water

Senior Center

Senior High

Early Senior Organizations

Sewall Family

The Sewall Family - Something in the Water

The Shaft-Pierce Shoe Company

Shalom Scripture Studies

Sharei Chesed Congregation

Shelard Park

Nate Shepard

Sheraton Park Plaza Hotel

Hennepin County Sheriffs

Shink Drug

The Shinn Family

Shoppers' City

Barry Siewert (Barry McKinna)

Silver Fox Farm

Sixty-Plus Club

Skads Travel - (Lilac Way Shopping Center)

Skippy Peanut Butter

Skippy Field - From the Re-Echo

Skunk Hollow


Smith Ambulance

Clara and Norwood Smith (Colonial Inn)

Snyder Drug - Miracle Mile

Sol's Superette

Sons of Norway

The Sorensen Family


South Side Civic Club

Southdale Shopping Center

Spanish Flu of 1918

Spanish Immersion School


Sports and Health Club

Sportsmen's Clubs

Standard Plumbing and Heating

The Stasney Family - Something in the Water

State Legislators

Bob Stein


Irving Stern

Bruce Stillman

Stillman's Grocery

Street Names

Street Names - From the Re-Echo


Stone Structures (Highway 100 Roadside Parks)

Minneapolis Strikes of 1934

Suburban Baptist Church

Suburban Electric

Suburban Ready-Mix

Sugar Beet Plant

Fred W. Sugden

Sunset Gables Neighborhood

Super Valu Store - Lilac Way

Superintendents of Schools

Susan Lindgren Elementary School

Don Swenson - From the Re-Echo

Don Swenson Fund - From the Re-Echo

Swatez Department Store

The Swenson Family - Something in the Water

Swenson-Redeen Meat Market


Talmud Torah of Minneapolis


Taxi Service

Teen Scene (Club)



Texa-Tonka Lanes

Texa-Tonka Liquors

Texa-Tonka Shopping Center

Len Thiel

36th Street

Norman Thomas

Walter Thomas

Dana Thompson

Thompson's Grocery - Something in the Water

Thompson's Grocery - Brookside Ave.

Thompson Wagon Company

Luther Melanchton "Deacon" Thomson

What Time is it? - From the Re-Echo

Timothy Lutheran Church

Timothy Lutheran School

Timothy O'Toole's

The Tingdale Brothers


Topps Department Store

Torah Academy

Tower Place


Treasure's Island

(Tucker's) Tree House

Trenkley's Store


Stan Turner

Twin Cities Jewish Middle School

Twin Cities Music Highlights

Twin City Speedway


Underwood's Cafe

Union Congregational Church

United Way

Upland View (Brookside Ave.)


Vail in the Park

Vernon Ave. Historic Buildings

Veterans' Housing

Veterans' Memorial



VFW - Something in the Water

Vietnam War

St. Louis Park Becomes a Village

Village in the Park - From the Re-Echo

Fred Vogt Heating and Air Conditioning

E.J. Vraalstad


C.B. Waddell

Wagner's Drive-In

The Waiting Station


1934 Walkathon

Walker Building

Walker Houses

T.B. Walker

T.B. Walker's Methodist Church

T.B. Walker - From the Re-Echo

Walser Ford

Walt's Canteen

Park in Times of War

Warner Hardware


Waterville Mill

Dr. John Watson

Wayside House

Wayzata Blvd. (Road).

Wayzata Blvd. (Buildings)


Weather 1965

Weather Timeline

Alan Weisman


The Werner Family

The Werner Family - Something in the Water

West End Community Development Association

West End Redevelopment

West Side Volkswagen


Westling House

Westwood Garden Club

Westwood Hills:  Golf Course, Nature Center

Westwood Junior High

Westwood Lutheran Church

Westwood Shopping Center

Wheeler Bridge Lumber Supply

Elmer Whipps

Whistles - From the Re-Echo

Dr. John J. Wild

The Williams Family

The Williams Family - Something in the Water

J. Frank Williams - Creosote Memoir

Wolfe Lake

Kenneth Wolfe

Ken Wolfe - from the Re-Echo

Wolfe Lake Professional Center

Women's Club

Jimmy Wong (Foo Chu)

Wooddale Ave. Historic Buildings

Wooddale Coterie

Wooddale/Highway 100 Buildings

Wooddale Lutheran Church

Wooddale Park Subdivision

Wooddale Professional Building

World War I

World War II

World War II Memoir - Something in the Water

World War II Veterans' Housing

Frank Lloyd Wright (Olfelt) House

Bridget Wynn



Y's Men and Y's Menettes

Yngve and Yngve Attorneys


This information comes from a variety of sources: newspapers, books, yearbooks, phone directories, interviews, etc. Given the varied sources, we cannot guarantee that all of this information is correct, and welcome any additions and corrections. Please contact us with your contributions and comments.