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In an effort to create what had heretofore been a nonexistent downtown for the nascent St. Louis Park, village leaders Hamilton and Walker built two opposing buildings on a street they called Broadway, now called Walker Street. There were storefronts below and offices above. Nowadays one might call it an economic development incubator, providing reasonably priced and sized spaces for small companies to carry out their businesses until they moved on to larger spaces. The Hamilton Building is gone, but the Walker Building is still home to small businesses that don’t rely on a lot of street traffic. For try as they might, Walker and his associates never managed to create that elusive Downtown St. Louis Park.

The aerial above from 1922 shows the Walker Building (left) facing the Hamilton Building (right).  Between them is Walker Street.  The diagonal street behind the Walker Building was Louisiana Ave., now renamed Library Lane.  Photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Society. 



Above is a snippet of a photo taken in 1954, again with the Walker Building above facing the Hamilton Building below. 





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