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Brian’s fund is an award named in honor of Brian Thornsjo, who graduated from St. Louis Park High School in 1973. Brian was a very inspirational young man who had special needs. Although Brian faced many daily challenges, he inspired those around him by persevering and doing amazing things en-route to becoming a self-sufficient and outstanding citizen. Although he spent most of his school years in Special Education, he went on to Vocational/Technical College and became self-sufficient in the working world. Brian suffered many disappointments and on occasion, was hurt by the world around him, but he never gave up. He always believed that one more effort, and another day, would bring success and happiness.


Sadly, Brian’s life was cut short by cancer at the age of 25. In his honor, friends and family started Brian’s Fund, raising money through small donations and a generous match by Associated Bank. The Fund gives a stipend to a deserving graduating senior who has lived through, persevered, and overcome a disability to make way into the real world. The Thornsjo family works with the Counseling Office at the High School to choose the recipient of each award. The award is not given every year – only when there is a recipient who shares many of the same qualities as Brian exemplified. In 2012, Jason Lian has been chosen as the recipient of the Brian’s fund scholarship.


This information comes from a variety of sources: newspapers, books, yearbooks, phone directories, interviews, etc. Given the varied sources, we cannot guarantee that all of this information is correct, and welcome any additions and corrections. Please contact us with your contributions and comments.